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Even Echidnas needs a good stretch every now and then. That was the case for this cute Echidna I filmed at Booderee Botanical Garden in Jervis Bay foraging for a feed of ants.

Blue-ringed octopus

This highly venomous species of octopus can be found in tide pools and coral reefs around Australia. Despite their small size they are recognised as one of the world's most venomous marine animals and potentially fatal. Their bites are tiny and often painless, with many victims not realising they have been envenomated until respiratory depression and paralysis start to set in. All bites should be treated seriously and immediate medical attention sought.. * Note. Blue-ringed octopus are generally very shy and will not attack. Bites usually occur from people handling them, being totally unaware of their potential danger If you do come across one of these beautiful creatures OBSERVE, ENJOY AND PLEASE DO NOT HARM

Australian Numbfish

 The Coffin ray or Australian Numbfish, is a species of electric ray endemic to Australia. It can produce a powerful electric shock reaching 200 volts for attack and defence. Although not fatal to humans, the coffin ray can deliver a severe, shock.

Yawning Wildlife

Even our Ozzy wildlife takes a break every now and then

Playful Echidnas

Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, are monotremes which are egg-laying mammals. 
Together with the platypus, they are the only surviving members of the order Monotremata and are the only living mammals that lay eggs. 
Echidnas are only found in Australia and New Guinea and their diet mostly consists of ants and termites

Lyrebirds go crazy

I was lucky enough to witness these Lyrebirds in the Royal National park put on one of the best mimicking shows I have ever seen in the wild. 
Listen to this male bird belting out dozens of different sounds including a whipbird, currawong, cockatoo, lorikeet, kookaburra, wattlebird, rosella, robin, rock-warbler, thornbill and many more as well as mechanical sounds that I could only guess. 

Caught in the storm

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, what do you do?
Take your camera out of course!

Snake Attacks

Ozzy adventurers Adam and Greg come across possibly the most feared venomous snake in the world..... and survive.

Lake Ekersley

Feeling tired, run down and need to escape?
Then Lake Eckersley, in Heathcote National park, is the place to go where you can sit back, relax and just contemplate life

Great Whites of Oz

Adrenaline starts pumping through my body the moment this massive creature appears from the deep blue waters and approaches the cage we are in.

For more info check out my video/blog "Port Lincoln-More than a Bite"

Kangaroo Golf goes viral

Congratulations to media distribution company Storyful for promoting and distributing my video, "KANGAROO GOLF", to so many TV stations and publications worldwide. 
This video has been shown around the world on major platforms including USA, UK, Australia and Canada.
Check out this comical report that featured on Canadian program, "Your Morning" 

Ozzy Crocs

Come on a journey to the Top end of Australia where you will see the biggest and most feared predators in the world, the Salt Water Crocodile.
For more info check out  my video/blog "Kakadu and About" 

Hooked up

On one of my most recent dives I spotted a Banjo shark / Fiddler Ray hooked up with some heavy duty fishing tackle.
Thankfully, I was able to  catch, remove the hook and release this beautiful creature back into its environment without any harm.

Water monitors are a member of the monitor lizard family found in northern Australia. They are strong swimmers and feed both on land and in the water, mainly on fish, frogs.
For more  on this unique creature check out "Kakadu and About"

Water Monitors
Whale Breach 

 Two humpback whales were putting on a show just metres from this whale watching cruise when one of the whales suddenly breached surprising all on the boat. WOW

Rocklily Wombats

Rocklily is a wildlife refuge run by Dianna & Warwick Bisset situated in the beautiful bushland around Wombeyean in the Blue Mountains National park.
Please support their cause by purchasing one of the wildlife products on the Rocklily website.

Sucking little Leaches

What most bushwalkers fear aside from snakes is this nasty little creature, the blood sucking leech.
They occur in moist forest areas, being noticeable after rain and wait for the opportunity to latch on to animals or the occasional bushwalker. 

Goanna V's Currawong

 I spotted this large  2m Goanna while mountain biking through the Royal National Park in  Sydney. The Goanna was being challenged by a very brave Currawong that was  protecting its nest from this hungry predator. 

Swimming with Rays

One of the most amazing experiences for me is swimming with these massive gems of our oceans.
For more information and locations on these beautiful creatures, check out my video/blog  "Giant Rays Downunder" 

Swim with Sea Lions

Swimming with Sea Lions off Port Lincoln is one experience to put on your bucket list. 

I originally booked this as an extra to add on to my Great White shark dive, however I was so impressed and loved it so much that I re booked to do this again the next day.

*For more information check out my video/blog "Port Lincoln-More than a Bite"

Black Tiger snake

The tiger snake is considered to be the 6th most venomous snake and is potentially fatal to humans. When threatened, they flatten their bodies similar to a Cobra and raise their heads above the ground in a classic pre strike stance.

Sunset in Arnhem Land

There is always something special about sitting on a coastline in Arnhem Land watching the sun set. 
Check out "Kakadu and About" in my Blog and come on a journey to the Top End of this amazing country of ours

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