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Giant Rays Down Under

Many fear these gentle giants of the ocean and instantly think of the terrible tragedy that happened to our very own Australian icon Steve Irwin.

My aim is to show you just how placid and friendly these Rays are and hopefully change your views on what I believe are a treasure of the seas.

For those who are a bit more adventurous I can recommend a few places where these giants frequent and in some case the odd sea lion or seal may pay a visit.

Woollamia Boat Ramp is located on the Currambene Creek which runs into Jervis Bay at Huskisson.

Large Smooth Rays up to 200kg follow boats coming back to the ramp and wait around for a feed of cleaned fish scraps. They will take fish from your hands and you can get great photo opportunities as these giants glide up to you.

I would recommend to not jump around or spook them in any way as they are still a wild creature with a lot of power.

Wagonga inlet which is in Narooma is the home to a huge range of sea and bird life and is a must for the keen kayaker.

Cruise along the inlet to the sweet sounds of Bell birds and check out the large variety of sea birds.

*Note: Some care should be taken in this inlet as the currents do move rapidly during big tide changes.

Large Rays and the occassional Sea Lion do frequent the boat ramp, which is located along a spectacular board walk, and will take fish from your hands.

I hope you enjoy the video I have put together and you have a change of mind next time you see one of these giants

*Caution should still be taken at all times with Sting Rays as they are still wild creatures and

if threatened can whip their tails containing a large barb toward the lower end.

This can cause serious injury and in rare cases death.

I do not recommend handling the tail at any time.

Bendalong Rays

Bendalong Beach which is located in the Shoalhaven area is one of the most amazing areas where you can swim with a number of large Smooth and Bullnose Rays.

Access is easy walking on sand into the water with no rocks or nasties to cut your feet on and is also a great beach to sit back and relax on.

Take your Kayak and snorkelling gear as the water is generally protected from waves.

I came across this 100kg+ Eagle Ray off Murrays Beach in Jervis Bay attempting to bury itself in the sand.

I think it was pretty safe to say I could still easily spot it this beauty

Always an amazing feeling getting up close with one of the locals at Bendalong Beach.


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