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Wiligi Outstation-Arnhem Land

I have been lucky enough to visit this unique part of Australia with my brothers a few times and I am still amazed that you can be in the same country yet everything can be so different.

It started with a 3 hour trip from Darwin to reach the famous Cahill's East Alligator Crossing.

Firstly, let me say the word "Famous" should not be used lightly at this location.

This crossing is well known by many as a tourist destination for nearby Aboriginal Rock Paintings at Obiri Rock and also for some of the largest crocodiles in Australia.

Our journey came to a standstill at around 1am when we reached this crossing.

We soon realised that although the 600mm of fast running water over the road was probably safe enough to cross with 4 wheel drives, our spotlights told us a totally different story spotting in excess of 30 large crocs swimming on and around the crossing with their hungry eyes glaring towards us.

Over the years humans have been taken at this crossing and many vehicles attempting to cross in similar conditions or worse have been swept over

Let me tell you it was a no brainer that we decided to wait it out and extend our travel time by a few hours rather than having to make that unthinkable decision whether to swim and get taken by a croc or be swept away in the car.

Once we finally crossed and our heartbeats slowed down we were able to enjoy (ha) the next 200km of dirt road to our destination at Wiligi.

I hope you enjoy this video I have put together and would appreciate any feedback.

Also If you are interested in visiting this unique part of the world you can contact Reuben and Dawn Cooper through

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