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Ningaloo- Another World

Exmouth is definately one place that should be included on your bucket list.

The town is on the tip of the North West Cape in Western Australia and is located 1,270 kilometres north of Perth. This extraordinary area has so much to offer from it's incredible landscape and wildlife to it's amazing coral coast situated in Ningaloo.

Snorkle along the World Heritage coastline in it's crystal clear turquoise waters and check out the coral gardens and abundance of fish life. Take the extra plunge and dive with one of the largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark, and experience one of those unforgetable memories of a lifetime.

For those who are more in to land base adventures I would recommend Mandu Mandu Gorge and the Badjirrajirra Loop Trail across the scenic Charles Knife Canyon.

It can be a bit hot and dry so take along a good supply of water however you will not be dissapointed with its natural beauty.

Hidden within the safety of the gorge walls is a colony of rare black-footed rock wallabies. These timid creatures seek shelter on ledges along the gorge walls and will amaze you how they hop around with ease on the cliff face.

I can honestly say my biggest regret of my stay at Exmouth/Ningaloo was only staying 3 days.

Special thanks to Craig and Laeanda Ingram for sharing this adventure with us and Laeanda for the use of some of her images

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