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Whales of Oz

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who has spent a great deal of time on and around the coastline of Sydney.

I have also spent many hours on my friends boat OzeBlue which specialises in Offshore Reef/Sport fishing and Pleasure cruising out from Port Hacking. There are

Unfortunately I was not on board the day a pod of playful Humpback whales decided to come up close and personal to Captain Roland and his crew.

What happens next is truly amazing and nothing short of magical.

It's true what they say "Expect the Unexpected".

There are numerous whale watching cruises available along the east coast of Australia, however there are also high points along the coast, cliffs and headlands that can provide excellent viewing of these magnificent giants of our oceans .

Some of the best locations around the Sydney coastline are:

OzeBlue is one of few Sydney Boat Charters services that accept individual bookings.

Most other operators take on group bookings only.

For more information you can contact Roland at

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