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Kangaroo Valley-A Wombat's Ramble

Let me start by saying there are places I have been to in Australia that leave me wondering if it could possibly get any better.

Travel just a short 2 hours south of Sydney, turn off at Berry and your onto a very scenic winding road up a mountain and descend into what is Kangaroo Valley.

Kangaroo Valley is a deep river valley carved into the very southern end of the Sydney basin which is a haven to a large variety of wildlife.

From the moment you start the descent into this valley you are hit with this magnificant backdrop of rainforest greens, picturesque mountains, rolling pastures and lush valleys.


You are instantly struck with an overdose of native wildlife that would make any nature lover believe they have just arrived in heaven.

I would strongly recommend a minimum stay of 2 days to explore this beautiful place.

Much of Kangaroo Valley falls within the boundaries of Morton National Park which leave you with many choices of things to do, from rugged bush walks to a variety of river based activities or even just hop in the car for a scenic drive.

We stayed at The Heavens Mountain Escape which is located high up on the side of Barrengarry Mountain and overlooking Kangaroo Valley.

This is luxury in the bush with endless amounts of wildlife just outside your door.

We were immediately welcomed by two massive wombats on our doorstep as we drove into our mountain hideaway

PS. Take a spotlight or good torch to check out the wombats and other night animals as they wander out from the nearby bushland.

For more information on where we stayed go to

Built in 1898, Hampton Bridge is the only surviving suspension bridge from the colonial period in New South Wales and is the oldest suspension bridge still carrying vehicular traffic within Australia

Kangaroos overlooking Kangaroo Valley.....How appropriate

Early mornings and late afternoons will almost certainly guarantee large sightings of these iconic Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Wombats are a short-legged, muscular marsupials native to Australia.

Considered by some farmers as a nuisance due primarily to their burrowing behaviour, most would view them as being fat, slow, lazy animals, however when threatened can reach speeds of up to 40km/h

Unlike kangaroos, Swamp Wallabys are generally loners that tend to hide in thick grass and dense bush during the day and come out at dusk to feed.

Always a bonus when you come across one of these beatiful creatures

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