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Kangaroo Island-through my eyes

Just a short 45 minutes ferry trip from the mainland at Cape Jervis and you arrive at a destination which is so unique from anywhere in the world that it will make you feel like you are a million miles away.

Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary to some of Australia's most amazing wildlife and deserves a minimum stay of 2 days to explore the rugged natural beauty of this island that has earned the reputation as being the most pristine natural environment in the world.

For those who are limited with time I would suggest you check out for some of their great tour offers.

This image says it all about what you can expect to see when you arrive at this beautiful place.

The Western Grey Kangaroo is notably different to the mainland Roo in its colour and size and can be seen on most parts of the island leaving you with endless photo opportunities.

Definately one of my favorite creatures, the Echidna is somewhat unique on Kangaroo Island with its unusual blonde coloured quills.

The Echidna and Platypus which are both on Kangaroo Island are the only two creatures in the world that belong to the monotrenes species and are only found in Australia and New Guinea.

The Remarkable Rocks located in Flinders Chase National Park are true to there namesake.

These massive granite boulders took 500 million years of rain, wind and pounding waves to create and will leave you in awe of their shear size and natural beauty.

Definately worth puting this place high on top of your must see list.

And for those who have small children or are limited with time, I would highly recommend

Both these places are very well managed and their hosts most certainly go out of their way to make your visit a memorable one with hands on nature experiences that can only be found on Kangaroo island

"Only In Australia"

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