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Port Lincoln-more than a bite

Adrenaline starts pumping through my body the moment this massive creature appears from the deep blue waters and approaches the cage we are in.

That was when the "No1 on my bucket list" turned into a reality and I came face to face with a Great White shark.

Seeing such an amazing creature up this close yet having the security of being in a cage, makes me understand why this predator sits right at the top of the Food Chain in the Oceans.... only just behind the Killer Whale of course. (mmm maybe one more for the bucket list)

To get the most out of this experience I would highly recommend booking in with Calypso Star Charters

Their 1-day Shark Cage Diving Charters are an Australian first with Port Lincoln being the only place in Australia where you can cage dive with this magnificent Shark.

I would strongly recommend you give yourself at least an extra 2-3 days stay, as Port Lincoln makes an ideal base from where you can explore the coast and experience the Eyre Peninsula first hand.

On the top of my list, and one of the most memorable you will experience, is a 'Swim with the Sea Lions" tour.

Just a short 1.5 hour boat trip out to one of the islands these sea lions inhabit and you will instantly be greeted by dozens of sea lions.

From the moment you enter the water you will see why they are considered to be the puppy dogs of the sea as they leap and twist out of the water, and perform show-off back-flips.

You will definitely experience the joy they get from swimming with you – and you with them!

Bookings can also be made through Adventure Bay Charters

This was my 4th dive experience with Calypso Star charters and probably my most memorable.

I was one of the lucky ones to witness this Great White shark suddenly turn from the depths of the ocean charging towards the surface with great speed and accuracy taking the bait within metres from me.

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better I was "high fived" by another shark.


They say swimming with sea lions is like swimming with labradors and it doesn't take long to see why these magnificent creatures are called the puppy dogs of the ocean.

I originally booked this as an extra add on to my Great White shark dive, however I was so impressed and loved it so much that I re booked to do this again the next day.

* definitely a must thing to do


Take a drive out to Lincoln National Park and explore the coast line, however keep an eye out along the way as chances are you will see some pretty amazing wildlife, including Emus and Western Grey Kangaroos.

On your way to the National Park I highly recommend you take a small detour to Mikkira Station and check out the Koalas in the wild.

What makes this place so unique is the Eucalypt trees are only around 3 to 4 metres high giving you the perfect opportunity to get up incredibly close to these adorable marsupials.

*** Absolutely worth the trip

NOTE- although not necessary, if you are hiring a car it may be useful upgrading to a 4 wheel drive for your comfort as some of the locations are on graded roads.

Drop in to Coffin Bay and check out some of its wildlife, from the odd Emu or 2 walking the streets to its numerous Kangaroos on the local golf course.

It may also be worth booking in at 1802 Oyster Bar and Bistro for lunch or dinner where you can try some of their famous Coffin Bay Oysters

At the end of the day sit back with a wine from one of Port Lincoln's wineries while watching the sun set over the water at Coffin Bay

Special thanks to friends Karen Williams and John McLean for helping with the photos and for making this a memorable trip

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