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Goanna V's Currawong

I spotted this massive Goanna (Lace Monitor) while mountain biking through the Royal National Park in Sydney. It was being challenged by a very brave Currawong that was protecting its nest from this hungry predator. The Currawong eventually won the battle and the Goanna backed off coming down the tree and walking without fear straight past me allowing me to get some pretty awesome images and video footage of this massive creature

The Lace Monitor, commonly known as a Goanna, all have sharp teeth and long claws and climb trees with such ease

They forage and hunt for lizards, snakes, insects, birds and eggs and even small mammals and their meals are often eaten whole, thus the size of their meals may depend on the size of the animals.

The anxious Currawong keeps a watchful eye as it battles the Goanna to protect its nest

Eventually this fearless King of our bushland gives up and retreats looking for easier prey

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