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Woronora Dam to the Needles

Come on the journey with Adam Dansie and Greg Tannos as we make the trek from Woronora Dam along the scenic bushland of Heathcote National Park. Join our adventure as we raft, swim and hike through some of these beautiful pockets of waterways that eventually flow in to the Woronora River.

We started our journey approximately 1km from the dam at the pipeline trail. which runs for around 10km up to Heathcote road.

There is no real guide to this journey however we took the Lower pipeline trail to the weir which is the nearest point to the Dam. (probably not the best point to start as the first pocket of water is only small)

From here the journey starts.

There will be a fair bit of walking, rafting and swimming, however the pipeline track is maintained and sign posted along the way.

Definitely some of the most interesting pockets of waterways were from Heathcote road up to the the crossing known as the Needles which crosses Barden Ridge to Engadine.

I have attached a link which will help you on your journey. Enjoy

We came across some amazing Fauna and Flora along the way but for me a definite stand out were these magnificent water lilies that were in a remote section of the system.

I never get tired of seeing Water Dragons that hang out along the banks of our rivers.

These reptile are generally placid allowing you to get up close enough for some great photo opportunities.

There was a lot of inflating and deflating rafts along the way to get through some of the dense bushland however the rewards of coming across picturesque water pockets like this made the journey well worth it.

Our great Aussie bushland

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