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Kangaroo Golf

Golf just got a whole lot more interesting at St Georges Basin Country Club in Sanctuary Point. This beautiful 18 hole golf course hosts hundreds of Eastern Grey Kangaroos and a large variety of birdlife making a round of golf a whole lot more interesting.

The par 70 course considered easy by some, has so much going for it, from its beautifully maintained greens and fairways to its golfer friendly kangaroos and its incredible variety of birdlife making this quite a real Australian attraction.

And at the end of your round of golf take advantage of The Country Club's facilities including the restaurant and snack bar.

One of the best things about golf here is when you’re having a rough round, you can at least stand back and enjoy the beauty of the nature around you.

St Georges Basin is an easy 2 - 2.5 hr drive south of Sydney and is located in the Shoalhaven region.

This unique area has one of the most beautiful lakes that is ideal for fishing, boating and swimming and is the perfect spot for the keen photographer. Sit back at the end of the day and check out some of the most colourful sunsets on the basin.

The Kangaroo is actually holding the pin in this photo. (Only my mate Pete has been photo shopped in for fun)

St Georges Basin is only a short drive from one of my most favourite destinations in Australia, Jervis Bay Marine Park

Jervis Bay hosts a large pod of resident Bottle Nose dolphins which can be seen most days playing along the coastline.

Dolphin and Whale watching cruises run daily out of Huskisson.

For information on this check out Jervis Bay - Lost in Paradise

The Country Club and its unique wildlife has become one of the most talked about golf courses in the world with its story going viral on some of the largest media outlets in the world.

If you are a keen golfer and you love your wildlife then this is a must place to visit

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