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Narooma-Wagonga Inlet

Kayaking the crystal clear waters around Wagonga Inlet in Narooma is an experience you will remember for a long time. This waterway hosts an abundance of marine and sea life and is surrounded by some of Australia's most scenic country side. Take a stroll along the popular boardwalk while listening to the sounds of Bellbirds and maybe catch a sight of one of local giant rays.

Australian and New Zealand fur seals can usually be seen basking along the breakwall at the inlet.

Montague Island Nature Reserve which is just off the coast of Narooma is home to hundreds of seals and more than 90 bird species.

This island is definitely worth the experience to visit or even organise a stay so you can take in the full beauty of what is has to offer

Whether its hundreds of sea lions lazing on the rocks to whales frolicking in the water on their annual migration, this place screams Nature.

Australia rock is located on the southern side of the breakwall near the inlet.

This naturally eroded rock structure is suprisingly larger than I expected allowing great photo opportunities.

If I can't see you, you can't see me.

Wagonga inlet is a sanctuary to dozens of bird species and is the perfect place to kayak although care must be taken as this inlet is subject to fast tidal movements and can be extremely dangerous towards the mouth.

** Life jackets must be worn at all times when kayaking or boating the inlet and extreme caution must be taken at the entrance

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