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Winnell's Wander - Barden Ridge Loop

Barden Ridge loop via Winnell’s Wander is an 8.5 km loop trail that takes you through some very impressive bushland around Woronora River. This walk passes by lots of large Gymea Lilies and Grass trees and follows the Woronora river upstream from The Needles. Important to note that the walk definitely requires a bit of orienteering and I strongly recommend downloading the AllTrails app to help keep you on track. One of the best bushwalks in the Shire. Experienced bushwalkers only

Engadine Lagoon - Barden Ridge Loop

Engadine Lagoon to Barden Ridge is a 7.5 km "loop trail" that follows Woronora river upstream from the Needles crossing.

Thankfully we picked the perfect day to take my small inflatable raft, allowing us the added bonus of cruising around Engadine Lagoon.

Also Important to note that although AllTrails name this a "Loop Trail", the track does totally disappear beyond the Lagoon and involves a fair bit of unpleasant bushbashing to eventually get you back on track.

Menai Bushland via Mill Creek

This location has been my home for more than 35 years and is an area I have become very familiar with from my years of mountain biking.

It maybe be worth checking out Barden Ridge Bush Track on AllTrails https://www.alltrails.com/.../new.../barden-ridge-bush-track

This will help get you familiar with the area before venturing out onto any of the single tracks As always know your limits and do your homework before heading out on any of these trails

Glow Worm Tunnel

One of the most popular and famous tracks near Lithgow has to be the Glow Worm Tunnel Walk. The Glowworm Tunnel is a disused railway tunnel around 50km from Lithgow notable for its resident glow-worms.

Kangaroo Creek- Via Olympic Pool

Another great day out bushwalking Bottle Forest track along the very picturesque Kangaroo Creek in the Royal National Park. This 10km walk began at Heathcote on Parklands Trail, turning off at Bottle Forest trail and eventually getting us down to Kangaroo Creek. From here we followed a somewhat disappearing Bottle Forest track along Kangaroo Creek to Engadine Track junction, eventually taking us back to Audley. I would rate this walk as medium as it does involve a bit of bushbashing due to the track disappearing in a number of spots. Definitely a walk for experienced bushwalkers only. * Note this walk was 10km one way with a car waiting for us at Audley

Box Vale Loop via 40 Foot Falls

This 15.5km walk began at the Box Vale mine track The Box Vale Mine track follows the formation of an historic railway line and passes through cuttings, along embankments and through a tunnel 84 metres in length. The tunnel was cut out around 1890 with a rail line running through the tunnel to transport coal back to Mittagong. From here we trekked the very steep decline with the assistance of a much needed cable running the full 580m down to the Nattai Gorge where the coal was mined. The trail then winds through some very lush fern forest that follow the Nattai river joining onto Forty Foot Falls walking track and eventually getting us back onto the Box Vale mine track. This full loop walk is nothing short of an adventure and requires a good level of fitness with a bit of orienteering

60 Foot Falls

Starting at Lake Alexandra in Mittagong, this walk goes around the western side of Mount Alexandra and above the lovely Gibbergunyah Creek Gully. The trail passes under the Hume motorway at a couple of points, then eventually winds back along a beautiful loop trail that takes you to 60 Foot Falls. You can make your way down to the base of the falls but do so carefully as the rocks can be quite slippery. After returning from the loop continue on and you will begin the steep climb over Mt Alexandra, via the very interesting Coke Tunnel.

Upper Kangaroo Creek-Royal National Park

**Definitely experienced bushwalkers only. We started this 12km bushwalk at Waterfall Station on Uloola Fire trail turning off at Kangaroo Creek track. This overgrown track was at first fairly visible and easy to stay on, but eventually totally disappeared making the last 5km trek to Karloo Pools extremely challenging as we bush bashed our way through some very difficult terrain. Once arriving at Karloo Pools we then headed back to Heathcote station via Karloo Track.

40 Foot Falls

40 Foot Falls is a 9-10km return walk that begins at the back of lake Alexandra in Mittagong.The track which is mostly easy takes you through lush fern forest and mostly follows the creek to the falls.This walk is probably up there with one of the most picturesque walks I have come across and most certainly is worth the drive out to Mittagong.

Mountain Biking Woodford to Glenbrook

aThis 30km ride in the Blue Mountains begins at Woodford Station. Just a short 2km ride from here and you enter the Blue Mountain National Park onto a fire trail that leads to Glenbrook. Expect a fair bit of exciting uphill and downhill sections on fire trails until you eventually enter into some pretty interesting single tracks. We actually drove to Glenbrook station and hopped on the train to Woodford station but you can train this ride all the way

Montague Island Fur Seals

I finally got the opportunity to scuba and snorkel with some very playful fur seals off Montague Island which is located only a few km offshore from the South Coast town of Narooma in NSW.

It didn't take long after we entered the water for the first few seals to swim up to us and perform their playful twists and turns while they were checking us out. I even had the occasional seal put its face up against my mask as if it was wanting me to play.

For those interested, I would highly recommend the very professional team of Underwater Safaris based in Narooma to take you on this very exciting experience.

Rodriguez Pass

Rodriguez Pass walking track is a challenging 12km loop hike that can be started from either Govetts Leap or Evans lookout, in Blackheath. This Grade 5 track winds past numerous spectacular waterfalls, lookouts and lush rainforest in Blue Mountains National Park. *Note. The track is very steep and difficult in places and has minimal signage. It’s recommended for experienced hikers with good fitness and navigation skills. Take care as there are exposed cliff edges, steep stairs and slippery creek crossings

Jump Rock

The walk has appropriately been named Jump Rock because of the many people who jump from a high cliff into the water at this location. It is a popular spot in summer and the walk certainly packs a punch in lush rainforest, epic deep pools, cascades and the famous Jump Rock. Jump rock is around 5km return and good walking shoes are highly recommended. Also worth taking your swimmers because you will more than likely be tempted to jump in for a swim. Jump Rock swimming hole is found at the bottom of Macquarie Pass on the left hand side coming from Albion Park.

Danger: The jump can be dangerous and comes with the risk of serious injury or death

Karloo Pools to Audley

This pleasant bushwalk starts near Heathcote train station where you will enter the trail next to the Heathcote rural fire services. The moderately challenging track leads through heathland, passing beautiful Karloo Pool a popular swimming and picnic spot. Karloo is approx 2.5km and will take you around 1-1.5hrs) You may be tempted to stop for a refreshing swim in these crystal clear waters however depending on the seasons, these waters can be extremely cold. From here the trail will continue another 2.5km to Uloolo Falls (approx 1.5hrs) Uloola Falls is a popular remote camping site and bookings can be made through National Parks and Wildlife. Uloola to Audley is another 4-5km and can take 2-3hrs depending on your level of fitness. *note these time are only approximate and can vary. Some planning will be required for this walk as there is no public transport at Audley. If you are up for it, you can walk another 5-6km to Sutherland train station via Honeymoon stairs on the western side of Audley Weir.

Wallangambe Canyon - Stage 2

This full day adventure starts with a 1.5 hr walk and rope climb down to the exit of Stage 1 of the canyon. From here, the second stage of Wollangambe will not disappoint, from its crystal-clear waters winding through some very colourful passages, to its magnificent towering rock walls. Entry is from Cathedral Reserve at Mt Wilson and does involve 2 rope climbs which can be a bit challenging for those who have issues with heights. For detailed information on this canyon click on this link Wallangambe Canyon-Lower section

Monster Monitor at Tuross Lake

Surprised and stunned is not an exaggeration when I was kayaking on the Lake at Tuross Head and spotted this monster Lace Monitor crossing sand banks in search of some of the many species of water bird's eggs that inhabit these waterways.

Hooked Up Rays

Sadly, on many occasions I have come across some of our beautiful marine life with full fishing tackle still attached.

See what happens next.

Australian Freshwater Turtles

Australia is home to about 23 species of freshwater turtle.

Although some populations of native freshwater turtles are thriving, in many places they are declining because of the combination of hazards mainly due to human impacts

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is a pristine beach on Whitsunday Island and stretches over seven kilometres. It boasts brilliant white silica sand that is among the purest in the world. Sink your feet into the sand and wade into the warm waves that gently lap the shore and you'll soon realise why people come here from all over the world.

Wildlife Drops in for a Drink

Check out what happens when a motion activated camera is placed at a waterhole in Wombeyan-NSW.

This waterhole was visited by, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Red Necked Wallabies, Wombat, Dingos, Wild Boars, Cattle, Kookaburras and much more.

Echidnas-The little Spiny Anteater

Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, are monotremes which are egg-laying mammals.

Together with the platypus, they are only found in Australia and New Guinea and are the only surviving mammals that lay eggs.


This is definitely one place that you should put on your bucket list.

Only around 3hrs drive south west of Sydney, Wombeyan ticks all the boxes. From it's adventurous drive along the graded, narrow Wombeyan caves road, to it's abundance of unique Australian wildlife.

Best of all, what Wombeyan is famous for, its amazing caves.