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Sydney Coastal Walks

Check out some of the worlds best coastal walks around Sydney as I take you on a journey from La Perouse to Manly beach.

The walk also takes in the recently upgraded Bondi to Manly - B2M

This multi-day walk is tipped to become a major tourist attraction with the same status as some of the world's great walking trails, such as Cinque Terre in Italy.

Shellharbour to Minnamurra via Bass Point Loop + Killalea

What started out as a solo adventure from Shellharbour to Minnamurra, eventually turned sour with what I would consider one of the most challenging walks I have taken on in a long time. The day was around 38degrees and the plan was to take in the Bass Point loop trail on my way to Minnamurra, following the map I had uploaded from AllTrails. Unfortunately I did the cardinal sin going out on my own and not doing enough research before heading out, not realising that most of the Bass point loop would be rock hopping. Take note that the southern half of this loop, from Bushranger Bay to Killalea, is the hardest and can be dangerous in places and certainly requires the energy and confidence to pass. Top this off with the most difficult section of the loop, approx 1.5km of dense high overgrown shrubs with lots of thorns. Being to far into the walk to return, I was left with no other option than to very slowly make my way through, regularly being trapped and cut by thorns, trying the find my way out. Had moments in this section when I considered setting off the emergency button, but thankfully kept my head and eventually made it back to the beach. Definitely only for experienced walkers wanting a bit of an adventure, as there is so much beauty to be seen around this headland

Shellharbour to Port Kembla

The weather was perfect today for our walk from Shellharbour to Port Kembla. We began this walk with a train ride to Shellharbour Junction station which sort of felt like we were being dropped off in the middle of nowhere. It was around a 2km walk to the beautiful seaside town of Shellharbour, known for its small harbour, stunning beaches and diving. From here we headed north along the coast, walking along the absolutely gorgeous Lake Illawarra and some of the best, mostly deserted, beaches along the Illawarra coastline. Our original plan was to walk all the way to Wollongong, however I totally under calculated the distance that would have ended up being around 40+ km. With legs beginning to feel a bit weary from long beach walks and rock hopping, we decided to end our 29km journey at the very small Port Kembla North station * Port Kembla does also have some beautiful beaches and great views overlooking Five Islands Nature Reserve, however being a coastal walk, I would totally recommend avoiding the massive industrial area of Port Kembla, unless of course you are wanting to continue on to Wollongong. We ended our walk at the small Port Kembla North station but the better option would be the main station at Port Kembla with trains stopping more frequently.

Kiama Coast Walk - Minnamurra to Kiama

Today I took on Minnamurra to Kiama. For this walk, I caught the train 🚂 in to my starting point, the beautiful village of Minnamurra. From here you are blown away with stunning views along our coastline looking North to Wollongong and South to Kiama. Top this off with seeing a number of whales breaching along the way, needless to say it was the perfect day out. The walk is only around 8 km and easily accessed by train.

Kiama Coast Walk - Kiama to Gerringong

What an incredibly crazy day it turned out to be when I took on the Kiama Coastal walk, from Kiama to Gerringong. This walk had everything one could only dream about, spotting dozens of whales with lots of breaching, tail and pectoral slapping. Top this off with dolphins wave riding, a lazy fur seal lapping up the rays, heaps of reptiles soaking up the sun and some of the best coastal views in the world and you have the perfect day out. This section of walk is around 12-13km from Kiama Blowhole to Werri Beach in Gerringong. Add another 3.5km to Gerringong train station. There are a number of hills on this walks and a certain level of fitness is required. I highly recommend this walk just for the stunning coastal views alone.

La Perouse to Maroubra Beach

This 17km walk begins at LaPerouse on a trail that leads to Henry Head Battery station. Continue on and the track will take you to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter hangar. From here you have a choice to make your way back to the road and find your way on to Malabar Beach where you can continue the coastal track through to Maroubra beach. Alternatively you can carefully continue hugging the coastline, crossing three golf courses along the way, eventually getting you to Malabar beach. * Important to note I’m not sure what the rules are about Crossing golf courses From here you will enter The Malabar Headland track on the Northern end of the beach leading you to Maroubra Beach Be sure to explore some of tracks around this area that will take you on a journey back in time to a number of very interesting WW2 Battery stations.

My AllTrails link attached La Perouse to Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach to Bondi Beach via 8 Ocean Pools

My mission was to walk from Maroubra Beach to Bondi Beach, stopping off for a swim at all the ocean pools along the way. Starting at Mahon pool, I continued the walk north along our beautiful coastline, jumping in for a refreshing dip at Iver Rowe, Wylee’s, Giles, Ross Jones memorial, Clovelly, Brontë Baths and finishing at Bondi Icebergs formally known as Bondi Baths. The walk was around 12km one way with an easy Uber ride back to Maroubra beach.

Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay (B2M stage 1)

Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay is a scenic 12km coastal walk along Sydney's foreshores. This is also the starting point of Sydney's 80km Bondi to Manly walk known as B2M. The walk passes many well known highlights including Bondi Rescue's famous lifesaving tower, The Gap and Australia's oldest lighthouse, Macquarie Lighthouse.

Transport. (Easy) We caught the train into Bondi Junction and bused it down to Bondi Beach. From Watsons Bay, ferry back to Circular Quay, then train home.

Rosebay to Watsons Bay (B2M stage 2)

Also known as Hermitage Foreshore Walk, this walk is one of Sydney’s great coastal walks and forms part of the Bondi to Manly track (B2M).

We did the reverse for this relatively easy 8-9km walk, starting at Rosebay and finishing with a beautiful lunch in the beer garden of Watsons Bay hotel then returning by ferry.

Be sure to take your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities along this walk including Shark Island, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the grounds of Strickland House. It will also be worth taking your swimmers as you may be tempted to jump in for a cool dip.

Transport. We drove into Rosebay where we started our walk however you can easily train it into Circular Quay and catch a ferry to either Rosebay or Watsons Bay depending on which way you wish to start the walk.

Rosebay to Circular Quay (B2M stage 3)

Rosebay to Circular Quay is a scenic 14km walk that forms part of the 80km Bondi to Manly walk known as B2M.

This walk passes many well known highlights including HMAS Kuttabul, the original Harry's Cafe de Wheels, Mrs Macquarie's chair and the Botanical Gardens. A fair part of this stage does wind through some amazing top end Sydney residential with minimal B2M signage.

For this reason, I highly recommend downloading the FREE Bondi to Manly app to help keep you on track.

Transport. We caught the train into Circular Quay, then ferry to Rosebay where we started our walk back to Circular Quay.

Circular Quay to Sirius Cove (B2M stage 4)

Circular Quay to Sirius Cove is a scenic 16km coastal walk along Sydney Harbour foreshores and forms part of the Bondi to Manly walk known as B2M. The walk passes many well known highlights including Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and Kirribilli House, finishing at Sirius Cove. Highly recommended to bring your swimmers, a camera and to wear comfortable walking gear.

Transport. We caught the train into Circular Quay where we started the walk. Sirius Cove was my destination but NOT the best finishing point. Old Cremorne wharf and Taronga Zoo wharf are locate around 1.5 - 2km each side of Sirius Cove

Sirius Cove to Balmoral Beach (B2M stage 5)

Sirius Cove to Balmoral Beach is a scenic 10km coastal walk along Sydney Harbour foreshores and forms part of the Bondi to Manly walk. The walk passes many well known highlights including Taronga Zoo, Clifton Gardens and the Gunners Barracks finishing at the very popular Balmoral Beach. Highly recommended to bring your swimmers, a camera and to wear comfortable walking gear.

Transport. We drove to Sirius Cove where we started our walk. From Balmoral we bused it back to Taronga Zoo and walked back to our car. Best suggestion would be, train into Circular Quay, then ferry to starting point at Taronga Zoo.

Balmoral to Manly Wharf (B2M stage 6)

Balmoral Beach to Manly Wharf is a scenic 14km walk that forms part of the 80km Bondi to Manly walk known as B2M. The walk passes many well known highlights including a walk over the Spit bridge, Clontarf beach and some interesting trails that lead you to some pretty spectacular views across our harbour.

Manly Wharf to Manly Beach

What a perfect way to finish the last leg of the Bondi to Manly (B2M) walk. This 12km walk starts at Manly Wharf and takes you past some of Sydney's finest harbour beaches, Little Manly and Collins Flat Beach. It then leads up to North Head Sanctuary, located on the peninsula at the northern entrance to Sydney Harbour, where you will enjoy uninterrupted views of our beautiful harbour The walk takes you on a memorable stroll along Australia's Memorial Walk that honours those who have served and supported the defence of Australia in peace or in war. From here the trail then winds down a very scenic track taking you to your final destination, Manly Beach.

Download the free Bondi to Manly (B2M) App.

The app is an important tool to have on your walk , allowing GPS to track your location, getting you back on track if and when you lose your way.

Quarantine Station

We recently had a two night stay at Q Station, originally know as North Head Quarantine Station. The Quarantine Station was established in 1832 and up until 1984 served as the gatekeeper between potentially sick immigrants as well as some sick residents This heritage listed hidden gem has now been restored with hotel style accomodation and provides a unique look into a slice of Sydney's history and delivers a destination that cannot be replicated anywhere. Located in the midst of 36 hectares of National Park in North Head Manly, Q Station is the perfect location for a quick getaway filled with history, wildlife, some great walks and for those keen enough a very creepy ghost tour.

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